septembre 25, 2014

CANYON concept-bike | Electronically Controlled Full-suspension Road Prototype

The 2014 concept bike dubbed Projekt MRSC Connected (for Magneto-Rheological Suspension Control) is a move in the direction to highlight a design focus on comfort, as lightness and stiffness have continue to progress almost exclusively at the high-end. Much like any standard oil-based damper, magneto-rheological (MR) dampers work by restricting the flow of a fluid in order to absorb energy. Instead of the typical viscous oil, though, MR fluid is actually a suspension of magnetic whiskers. Applying an electronic current to that fluid changes the orientation of those whiskers, thus changing the effective fluid viscosity and the associated damping characteristics.

Canyon feels strongly that more comfort means higher performance, and has incorporated their own VCLS Technology (Vertical Comfort, Lateral Stiffness) into their frames for several years. The Projekt MRSC is a next iteration in expanding this tech. 
Canyon’s engineering team sees constant road vibration as the next biggest cause of rider fatigue beyond pedaling effort. As the back and leg muscles undergo stress to counteract road impacts and stabilize the bike, rider comfort decreases and with it endurance and speed. The vibration also breaks the bike’s contact with the road and its intended path, consuming unnecessary energy.The MRSC system proposed an active bike frameset to enhance comfort and handling, with less energy input. (...)