octobre 27, 2014

CYLO Bike | ultimate urban bicycle ?

La marque CILO vient d'être lancée par deux frères d'origine Française, maintenant expatriés aux USA, à Portland - Oregon. Partant du constat qu'il n'existait pas de vélo répondant rigoureusement aux besoins urbains avec un design emblematique contemporain, ils se sont lancés dans la création de CYLO, un vélo urbain ultime.
Two France-born brothers now based in Portland Oregon felt there were no bikes on the market that answer the rigorous needs of the city with an iconic design for today. This prompted them to create the CYLO Bike, the ultimate urban bicycle. 

Eric Duvachelle, l'un des deux frères et auparavant designer chez Nike, avait déjà un pied dans l'industrie du Cycle. C'est sa seconde marque de vélo après avoir lancé la marque de Portland spécialisée dans les cadres titane  Cycles Papillon en 2009. (...)
Eric Duvachelle, one of the brothers and former designer for Nike, already has one foot in the bike business. This is his second bicycle brand since he has been operating Portland’s titanium frame Cycles Papillon since 2009. (...)

The CYLO’s unique design is built for speed and all day comfort. It is the result of hundreds of design explorations based on Eric and Antoine’s own experiences and feedback from friends who bike daily. 
“Everyone likes to go fast, it’s part of our nature. But not at the detriment of comfort.”, says Antoine. They embedded within the frame the most useful features for the ultimate urban riding experience, such as front and rear lights. For safety they embedded an accelerometer so the rear light, a super bright brake light, will brighten as you slow down. The dynamo powered LED lights are 205 lumens and the lens is perfectly angled to ensure full awareness of your surroundings and to be highly visible. Finally the carbon belt drive will silently get you where you need to go while keeping your pant cuffs clean. 
“We wanted to make a bike that would make heads turn, a no-compromise machine for the discerning modern rider”, says Eric. “Today people want to live closer to their work, friends and shops. For example, 24% of 16-34 year olds bike more now than they did just a few years ago.”, says Antoine. He adds: “We believe that cycling can help solve some bigger issues in urban mobility, health improvements, and better community living. 

CYLO designed the frame in partnership with ARRO.studio of Paris, France but the manufacturing of the frames, assembly and shipping is done from Portland, Oregon — USA.

The CYLO will come in three models: The single-speed PRIME priced at $1850, the 3-speed MAX 3 priced at $2150 and the 11-speed ULTIMATE 11 for $3150.
Eric and Antoine are in the process of finalizing the prototype and will be launching a crowd sourcing campaign soon. They intend to create the first batch of 50 soon, but these will only ship within the US to begin with. Sign up on their website to be kept abreast of the latest news on the CYLO project.

Source : http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/cylo-bike/#sthash.NMjeg5vz.dpuf